Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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Marketing Mailers

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Cost per Lead

The more you know about how people search for what you’re selling, the more you are able to decrease the cost of your leads.

Increasing this knowledge enables us to focus on buyers, not browsers. We therefore reduce unwanted clicks, clicks which don’t turn into qualified leads.

Cost per Sale

Simple math can describe how you reach a lower cost per sale – increase the number of buyers from a given number of qualified leads.

But how do they become buyers?

How do they become qualified leads even?

People don’t buy a quarter inch drill just to have it. They buy it because they need a quarter inch hole drilled.

If we want more leads, more buyers; we need to understand how we fit into their desired future.

Number of Leads

We delivered over 7x the number of online leads for our clients than their next highest source from a competitor’s service.

The big issue was that the competitor’s service had a more generalized approach in their SEM targeting. Such a broad strategy brings more browsers instead of the buyers we want.

We implemented a more focused targeting which showed their ads to people who were ready to buy. This greatly increased the number of leads they received.

Close Rate

We increased our clients’ close rate from online leads by 90% over a competitor’s offering.

We found a similar issue with their close rate as we did with the number of leads generated. The competitor’s service did not sufficiently qualify the leads within the SEM auction.

We implemented a more focused targeting which improved their lead quality resulting in the greatly increased close rate.

Wholesale Loss

We observed a substantial decrease in wholesale loss with our clients.

This big issue is common to car dealerships. What used cars should we have on the lot? Over half of HHE inventory was seriously aged.

Using our system we were able to deliver views to individual vehicles and guidance on inventory selection—in seeing wholesale loss and inventory age decrease substantially.